Global publisher Packt are based just round the corner from Class and we’ve been working together since 2012. In our most recent collaboration we were asked to create a new digital design system.

As Packt’s team has grown, the design and development process had become fragmented. The result was a break down in a consistent design, user experience and and a drop in conversion rates across their websites. A digital design system update provided the necessary pull to keep Packt’s marketing and web development teams aligned and in sync whilst working on their websites.

To create alignment, Class helped define and create a repository of reusable styles, elements and assets that Packt’s development team can use. Using a consistent design system reduced Packt’s effort from hundreds of lines of code to as little as a few characters.

The result? Iterations are now quick and painless. Page template build became much faster – essential for an eCommerce website where conversion metrics are a core part of your digital marketing.

Publisher looking for a design system?

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