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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Class will help you identify your customer journey, break down the user touch points, and establish where improvements can be made to your website. We’ll come up with multiple user tests to validate design and development choices that result in return on investment for against marketing spend.

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We work with clients to improve their website’s conversion rates, helping them increase sales and grow their business. Based in Birmingham, we specialise in Conversion rate optimisation. We have over 12 years experience helping clients identify customer journeys, break down the user touch points, and establish where improvements can be made to their online customer experience.

We are the ideal partner for companies that:

  • Aim to expand their user base and boost customer conversions
  • Are eager to enhance the design and user experience of their website
  • Strive to make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Are overburdened and unsure how to prioritise ideas
  • Face challenges in driving change due to internal politics and differing opinions
  • Seek to maximize the efficiency and impact of their resources
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CRO success stories

200% uplift for a Travel eCommerce client

199% uplift for a research client

174% uplift for a email marketing SaaS client

Our approach


Research and insight

We will work with you to establish commercial requirements and align them to goal tracking on Google Analytics. The combination of your business needs and Class’ design expertise will enable us to establish a hypothesis to each test.


Design prototypes

We’ll produce a series of design prototypes for each test. Design updates could include; position of call to action elements, colour theory of call to action elements, imagery and graphics choice and IX elements such as modals and pop-ups triggered by user activity.


A/B and MVT tests

Google Optimize will enable Class to run multiple website tests each month to determine the optimal experience for conversion. An A/B test is a randomised experiment using one variant on the page (A and B). An MVT test is Multivariate testing in which multiple variables are modified on the page.


Outcome and repeat

Optimize won’t declare an outcome unless an experiment has received data for at least two weeks so Class will leave the experiment running long enough to account for cyclical variations in web traffic. The Optimize experiment data will become available in Google Analytics and Class will present the findings back to you in an easy to understand report.

“Class came highly recommended and we share that view. It is a Birmingham WordPress agency that punches above its weight to deliver for clients and we will continue working with it in the future”.

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Class was setup in 2010 and all work is conducted in-house by our team of CRO specialist designers and developers at our Birmingham city centre office.

To learn more about us, how we work, and our existing conversion rate optimisation clients arrange a call with Chris our co-founder.

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With over 15 years of experience, we have helped over 350 companies to achieve their goals. Our team is ready to deliver incremental revenue to your business by uplifting your current conversion rate.

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