Class recently partnered with Centrick to revamp their online presence. Our aim was to create a user-friendly, visually appealing property website that highlights Centrick’s wide range of services. We built a responsive WordPress website to ensure smooth navigation and great performance on all devices.

Centrick is a leading property management company in the UK. They manage over £3.5 billion in client assets and oversee more than 26,500 properties nationwide. With a dedicated team of over 200 professionals, Centrick offers services including property sales, lettings, block management, and build-to-rent solutions.

Our Approach to Property Website Design

To deliver a top-notch property website, we followed several key steps. We used WordPress for its flexibility and ease of use, allowing the Centrick team to manage content effortlessly. The new site was designed to be scalable, supporting Centrick’s growth and evolving needs. Moving from the old website to the new one was crucial. We ensured all data, content, and SEO settings were carefully migrated, preserving Centrick’s search engine rankings and improving future performance.

By implementing Google Tag Manager, we enabled efficient management of tracking codes and marketing tags without frequent code updates. With Google Analytics, Centrick gained deep insights into user behaviour, helping to guide ongoing improvements and marketing strategies for digital outreach campaigns.

We created a mobile-friendly, responsive design to ensure the website looks and works great on all devices. This means users can easily access property information on desktops, tablets, or smartphones. High-quality visuals are key in the property industry. We directed  photography and video to create professional imagery and videos that enhance the website’s appeal and showcase Centrick’s brand effectively.

Through careful planning and execution, Class delivered a state-of-the-art property website that meets and exceeds Centrick’s expectations, setting a new standard in property website design.

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