GDPR laws come into effect today and it’s positive news for businesses with something to say, something to sell or something to change. 

The European Parliament and Council is responding to consumers who feel ripped off. People are tired of having their data strip-mined and their attention stolen, highlighted recently by Cambridge Analytica who exploited the Facebook data of millions.

Email communications haven’t evolved. Sending unsolicited emails to a large database is low-grade, low-impact marketing that’s never been regulated and regularly abused. GDPR is a step in the right direction as it eliminates old-hat marketing. Inbox spam has hopefully been halted by the regulation allowing those with great content and ideas to prosper. The benefit for marketers is you get to communicate to a more receptive audience who want to be talked to and value your message. It should be easier to market your product or service improving both efficiency and ROI of your marketing function.

Personal and relevant communications always outperform spam.

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